How to Color Grout

A woman cleans grout.

Adding color grout to tile can be a decorative way of adding visual interest to a tile project. There are several benefits to adding color to tile grout.

Benefits of Colored Grout

One of the primary benefits is that adding color to grout can provide a visual contrast to your tile. The old standby of white or cream colored grout has the potential to become grey and dingy over time and often needs extensive cleaning as the grout ages. However, colored grout can actually extend the life of the grout because you will not be as tempted to scrub it deeply while attempting to remove dirt and stains.

Another benefit to colored grout is that, with so many colors available, it is possible to add a color that is complimentary to your overall decorating scheme that also picks up on colors in the tile. For example, a peach colored terra cotta tile can be warmed with a chocolate colored grout.

Mixing Colored Grout

You can purchase grout that already has color in it, or you can buy color that you add to standard white grout. If you choose the latter, once you have the grout mixed, then slowly add color until you achieve your desired shade depth.