How to Combat Moles Humanely

For garden owners with a pest problem that does not want to use extreme measures to solve it, there are a number of ways to eradicate moles. The very first sign of a mole taking up residence at your yard is if you see small mounds of dirt mysteriously appearing in your lawn. Before you start cursing moles, keep in mind that they’re actually helpful in keeping insects to a minimum in your garden. However, having a whole bunch of them can make the disadvantages outweigh the benefits.

Flooding the Tunnels

You can attempt to catch the moles by forcing them out of their tunnels. To do this, push a garden hose into a tunnel and turn the faucet on. Flooding will force the moles out through the other end of the tunnel. Once the mole surfaces, you can attempt to catch it using a coffee can. You may need the help of somebody for this to work, especially if the mounds are far apart from each other. This may be the most old fashion of all get-rid-of-moles schemes, but if don't want to purchase anything fancy, this is your best shot.

Setting a Live Trap

Another inexpensive way of getting of moles is to set a live trap. To do so, get a coffee can and dig a hole in one of the mounds until you can fit the can and the rim is level with the bottom of the tunnel. If all goes well, you should have your mole trapped in the can by the next day. One thing that can foil the plan is sunlight. Make sure that you block holes near your trap, or else the moles might find out what you’re up to.

Mole Repellents

There are many chemicals in the market that can scare off your unwanted garden guests without doing any permanent damage. Castor oil is a great example of that. All you have to do is to mix castor oil with water and spray the mixture all over the place. To let the castor oil seep through the ground, you will have to re-spray, but this time with just water. You only need to do this all over again after it has rained.

Anti-Mole Plants

There are some plants that will force any mole to move out and leave. Some examples are skunk lilies and garlic. For some reason, moles cannot stomach the odor of those bulbs. Try planting any of the two at different parts of your garden and watch the moles leave your yard for good.