How to Come up with Custom Car Paint Designs

buckets of paint
What You'll Need
Digital camera
Access to a computer
Design program
Notepad and pen

If your car is your pride and joy, a custom car paint job is the ideal way to show it off. Before you decide on a design, think about what colors and patterns will be suitable for your car and your own style.

Step 1 – Consideration

The first step is simply to think about what type of design you want to achieve from your custom car paint design. Also, think about how a custom design will work in practical situations and whether you are prepared to handle the attention that the car is likely to attract as it will be more conspicuous. Bear in mind the manner in which you store the car and whether it will be safe.

Consider the use and style of the car in the decision making process. For example, if the car is powerful, retro racing stripes may be suitable; another design might highlight the energy efficiency of a green car. Think about whether you will be prepared to commit to the custom design on a long term basis.

Step 2 – Go Digital

Using a computer can be a great help when trying to decide on a custom car paint design if it proves difficult to picture in your mind. After taking a digital photograph of the car, upload it onto a computer and make use of a software program such as Photoshop. This will enable you to vary the color of the car in the image and add designs so that you can get an idea of whether it suits the lines of the car. With this method, you will be able to create a number of different designs so that they are easy to compare. Print off any of the custom car paint designs that made the final choice.

Step 3 – Research

Once you have finalized the custom car paint design, do some research to locate car painters who are capable of completing the job. Opt for professional companies that specialize in custom paint jobs and can demonstrate examples of any previous work that they have undertaken. Consider all the possible options to gather quotes and examples of ability. At this stage, you will also be in a position to ask questions about whether any specific maintenance will be required and the potential cost of this.

Step 4 – Insurance

For some insurance companies, it is a necessary requirement to inform them in the event that any customization work is undertaken to the vehicle. This is usually due to the fact that any unusual paintwork will be more costly to repair. If the policy conditions are unclear, contact the insurance company directly to determine whether it is likely to attract an additional premium in order to cover it. You may have to provide confirmation of exactly what you intend to do and the cost of the same.