How to Connect 2 Rain Barrels How to Connect 2 Rain Barrels

What You'll Need
Plastic barrels
Irrigation pipe
Pipe cutters

Working with rain barrels can be a great way to collect water that you can use in your garden. Instead of having to pay for water to put on your garden, you can simply collect the rain and then recycle it. Many people want to connect 2 rain barrels together so that when one of them is full, the water will run into the second barrel. Follow the simple steps below to effectively connect 2 rain barrels to the same downspout.

Step 1 - Drill Holes in the Barrels

The first thing that you will need to do is drill some holes in the rain barrels. Drill 1 hole in each of the barrels, each just big enough for the irrigation pipe to fit in.

Step 2 - Assemble Pipe

You will then need to put the irrigation pipe together. You will attach one of the pipes to an elbow. Then put another piece of pipe in the other end of the elbow. Use another elbow on the other end of the pipe, and finally put another piece of pipe on the other end of the second elbow. You need to use the pipe cutters to cut the appropriate size and then use the Teflon to hold the pipes together. Stick one end of the outside pipes into each hole in the barrels.

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