How to Connect a Cordless Microphone to a Computer

With more people going wireless on their personal computers, a cordless microphone is a good gadget to incorporate into the mix of technical tools for your entertainment. This tool has many uses. Users can prepare presentations, record voice memos, and more depending on your preferences.

The microphone comes in two parts. The first component is the headpiece and the second is the adapter that plugs into the computer. The adapter can either be a USB port or a plug. Both types of devices work the same way. The adapter picks up the sounds and sends them to the computer. Connecting the microphone is not difficult at all; anyone can install this device without much technical knowledge. Connecting the microphone works similarly for either type. The only difference is where the receiver plugs into the computer.  Just follow the steps below to begin streaming sound to your computer without any cords for either kind of wireless microphone; the process is the same for both types. The only difference in the steps in the connecting device to computer.

Things to get:

  • Wireless microphone with either USB or a plug in device
  • Batteries for the microphone and some receivers

Step 1: Hook it Up

Install the batteries in the microphone checking to make sure they are inserted properly. If the adapter needs batteries, be sure to install them before plugging it into the computer. This will help keep you from getting frustrated during the installation. Use new batteries to minimize frustration and help ensure the device is working properly.

Connect the adapter to the computer. If the microphone is an USB, you just need to plug it into an open port on either the front, back, or side. A plug in will plug into the recording input jack. In order to identify the audio jack look for a hole with either a microphone icon or a red circle. This is usually on the back of the desktop’s tower; however it can be located on the front. On a laptop this port is located on the side. Just look at your computer to locate it.

Step 2: Installation

When the pop up screen appears, follow the online instructions to install the device to the computer. If the microphone comes with a software CD, insert it and follow the directions. You may need to restart the computer after installation. Just follow the guidelines on the screen to properly install the microphone.

Step 3: Sound check

After the installation process is complete, you need to double check to make sure the device was installed and working correctly. First, turn on all of the components if they have a switch, a few do not. To check the microphone, gently tap on it and you should hear a sound. Next click on Start. Select Programs and then Accessories. Click Entertainment and choose Sounds. This will open the recording program.

Click on the record button, usually a red circle. Speak or play music into the microphone. If you see a moving line, all of the components are working properly. Congratulations on properly installing a cordless microphone.