How to Connect a Heat Reclaimer to Your Stove Pipe

What You'll Need
Heat reclaimer

A heat reclaimer is a great additional resource to add to your stove pipe to allow more hot air to be blown into your room through its heat exchange tubes.

Check Water Column Measurements

Check for your chimney in the user manual and look for the minimum height in which your heat reclaimer should not exceed. You will need to check that your chimney can produce the required amount of water column measurements (w.c.) so the heat reclaimer will work correctly. The w.c. should be 0.06 for your chimney to be adequate to use. The pipe for your stove should have a gauge of 24 or more so it can support the weight of the heat reclaimer.

Install Additional Parts

Install 3 sheet metal screws below the heat reclaimer to any of the elbow joints to secure them into place. The hand damper is installed below the heat reclaimer near the entrance of the stove. The pipe inside of the heat reclaimer can be the same size or bigger than the flue.

Heat Reclaimer Install to Flume End

Make sure that when connecting the rest of the heat reclaimer that, if the position is horizontal, the lower end of the unit should have the power cords coming out. The power cord should be 12 inches away from the stove so it does not catch fire. You should now be able to install the unit with 3 sheet metal screws to the flue in vertically or any other angle that fits to your stove pipe. The unit needs to be higher than 15 inches from the base of the flue and that there should be no objects that can catch on fire from 18 inches away.