How to Connect a Karaoke Machine to Your Computer

What You'll Need
Fully equipped computer
Karaoke machine

A karaoke machine is a great entertainment tool and can be fun when connected to the computer. The karaoke machine when hooked to the computer facilitates to record the singing attempts.

Step 1 – Checking and Connecting

Locate the plug point which connects the monitor and the amplifier, at the back of the computer. Now connect the audio and the video lines of the karaoke machine to the marked slots at the back of the computer.

Step 2 – Adapter

Some computers may not have slots for the plugs of the karaoke machine. In this case, buy an adapter to plug the audio and the video lines. Follow the instruction manual to figure out which line goes where.

Step 3 – Trial

Turn the karaoke machine on and run it though a trial. If the karaoke machine does not function correctly, then switch off the machine and disconnect the amplifier. Reboot the computer and reconnect the karaoke machine. This should fix the problem.

Step 4 – Tip

The hard disk is a good place to store the songs that will be played on the karaoke machine. Burn the singer's attempts using the CD drive.