How to Connect a New Solar Panel to Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting How to Connect a New Solar Panel to Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting

What You'll Need
Solar panel

Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting is an efficient, economical and environment-friendly way to embellish your garden or ensure light in the evening in an outdoor or even indoor space. The system consists of photovoltaic cells, batteries and LED bulbs. Changing the solar panel is different depending on the type of the solar powered lights. For some, the solar panel is included into the solar powered light so changing the solar panel means changing the solar powered light. For others the solar panel is installed separately so it can be replaced with a new one while keeping the solar powered lights.

Step 1. Check the place of the old solar panel

Check if the place chosen for the solar panel is still offering the sun exposure needed for charging the outdoor lights. The solar panel should be facing south and oriented so that it can absorb sunlight as much time as possible during the day. Take also into consideration the length of the wire available and, if while changing the solar panel, you also want to make modifications in the positioning of your solar powered lights.

Step 2. Check the length of the cable

Check the length of the cable between the solar panel position and the solar powered lights. When buying the new solar panel take into consideration your results. It is better to have more wire in order to be able to change your solar lights position if necessary. Also, think if you need your solar panel to supply more solar powered lights then the old one.

Step 3. Remove the old solar panel

Disconnect the cable going from the solar panel to the solar powered lights. Remove the screws used to fix the solar panel to the surface (wall, roof). Tightly hold the solar panel while removing it in order to avoid dropping and breaking. Dispose of the old solar panel in an environmentally-conscious manner.

Step 4. Mount the new solar panel

Mount the new solar panel on the decided anchorage place. This should be a solid surface. Use the screwdriver to fix the solar panel. Adjust the angle of the solar cell by moving the adjustment support.

Step 5. Connect the solar panel

Route the wire so that you can connect the solar panel to the solar powered lights.

Step 6. Check for shadow generators

Check and remove branches or any other elements that might generate shadow on the solar panel.

Step 7. Test-it

Wait for the night to come and test the new solar panel. If you face problems first check the connection wire.

Step 8. Cleaning

Keep the solar panel free of dirt and debris. A dirty panel will not allow a battery to fully charge. This can affect the life of the battery and determine malfunction of the solar powered outdoor lighting.


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