How to Connect a Solar Panel Battery

What You'll Need
Wire (red and black)
Wire Cutters
Wire Connectors

Having a solar panel battery is the best way to store the power from the sun. Connecting the batteries to the solar panels is not a complicated project. However, your batteries will not connect straight to your solar panels. They will actually connect to the solar panel regulator and to the inverter. The regulator acts as an on/off switch for your batteries, and the inverter allows you to put power back to the grid. The most important thing to remember is that in almost all power supplies red wires are positive and black wires are negative. This can also be indicated by the (+) and (-) symbols. The (+) symbol is for positive and (-) symbol is for negative. As long as you keep this in mind it will make this a very easy project. Here are a few steps to help with connecting your solar panel batteries.

Step 1 - Getting the Right Batteries

Make sure you get the right batteries. You have to get deep cell batteries. These batteries are made to hold up to charging and discharging when using solar power. If you try to use plain car batteries you will be replacing them about every 2 days. These batteries are not built for this type of project and will burn out very quickly.

Step 2 - Getting the Right Length of Wire

Now that you have the right solar panel batteries you are ready to start the connection process. You have to start by measuring and cutting the right length of wire to run from the regulator to the batteries. Normally, the solar panel battery is not very far from the regulator. Therefore, you will not need a very long length of wire.

Step 3 - Connecting Regulator to Battery

Connecting the battery to the regulator is easy. Take one end of the wire and put it in the correct slots on the regulator. There will be a picture of a battery on the back of the regulator. You will need to take a screwdriver and back off the screw where the wires goes. Remember red to positive (+) and black to negative (-). After you have the regulator connected remove the wing nuts on the battery and put the red wire on the positive post of the battery and black to the negative post. Do not put the wing nuts back on yet, because you still have to hook up the inverter.

Step 4 - Connecting Battery to the Inverter

This is the easiest part of the project. As you look at the inverter you should see a big red wire and a big black wire coming out of it. You will need to put the red wire on the positive post of the battery and black wire on the negative post. Now you are ready to replace the wing nuts on the battery post. Make sure to tighten the wing nut fairly tight to make a good connection.

Now that you have the solar panel battery connected you are now ready to store the power form the sun. You can also send power back to the grid.