How to Connect a Water Softener

A water softener is a wise investment for a home that experiences hard water. This water can do a lot of damage to pipes, and fixtures. Keeping the water free from the hard water minerals will help you save on costly repairs in the future.

Locate Softener and Shut Off Valves

Installing the water softener is a simple plumbing project and can be done with some basic tools. However, you will want to locate the softener on a dry, level ground about 10 feet from the water pump. Once you have the water softener installed, shut off the waters and water valves so you can make the necessary connections.

Connect into Existing Water Lines
Using two plumber's wrenches loosen up the connection where the pipes meet and blend in the new pipes from the water softener. You will need to also install a by-pass valve so the water will flow through the water softener before going to the water tank.

Add Flux and Solder the Connections
Once you have the pieces all dry fitted, you can add the flux to the pipes and begin soldering them together for a tight fit. Turn the water on slowly to ensure there are no leaks.