How to Connect ABS Pipes

ABS pipes over time can become brittle, can lose some of their tensile strength, and can begin to leak. When this happens someone will need to replace these pipes. This will require a reasonable knowledge about what it takes to connect these pipes. For helpful information about this procedure, check out the information below:

Things You'll Need:

  • ABS pipe
  • ABS fittings
  • cleaner
  • primer
  • cement
  • dauber
  • tube cutter
  • hacksaw or miter saw and box
  • deburring tool
  • rags

Step 1 – Cutting and Deburring Your ABS Pipe

When it is necessary for you to cut your ABS pipe, do it with a pipe cutter or tube cutter. This will cut the pipe more evenly. You will also need to de-bur it. That is, use a de-burring tool to remove plastic burrs that can prevents well sealed joints. Avoid using sandpaper that will enlarge the diameter of the pipe and make the fitting loose.

Step 2 Cementing Your Pipe Connections

Use a cleaner to clean both ends that are to be glued together, add primer and cement to both inside and outside surfaces. Into the connector, slide the pipe and turn it 90 degrees to seat the two surfaces. Wait about 40 seconds for the glue to set.