How to Connect Copper Pipe to Galvanized Iron Pipe

What You'll Need
Dielectric Fitting
Propane Torch
Pipe Tape
Pipe Wrench

Many homeowners elect to replace their old plumbing with copper pipe. Many of the holder homes have galvanized metal pipes that are sometimes hard to work with. Other times, the homeowner only needs to connect a portion of copper pipe to the galvanized pipe to replace a portion that was cracked. Simple plumbing tools and skills are required, but there is one special item to keep the acidity in the water from corroding the two different metals.

Step 1: Cut Pipe to Fit

Using the hacksaw, cut the copper pipe to the right length for a good fit.

Step 2: Solder Fitting onto Copper Pipe

Once you get to the portion of pipe where you will connect the copper and galvanized together, solder on the dielectric fitting. The threads will be facing outward to accept the galvanized part.

Step 3: Clean Pipe Ends

Use some pipe cleaner and clean both ends of the pipes before connecting them.

Step 4: Wrap with Tape

Using the plumber's tape, or some threading compound, wrap it around the threads on the galvanized pipe. This tape is instrumental in preventing leaks along the threaded area.

Step 5: Connect Pipes Together

Connect the two pipes together and tighten with the pipe wrench. Do not tighten too much or you may cause stress cracks in the nut, or the pipe itself.