How to Connect Galvanized Steel Pipe to a Copper Pipe Fitting

Galvanized piping
  • 1-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 20-80
What You'll Need
A dielectric fitting
A wrench
Pipe tape

It is possible to connect a copper pipe fitting to a galvanized steel pipe. When water runs through pipes that are made of two different metals, it creates an electrical charge that can cause corrosion and leaks in the pipe. When connecting a copper pipe fitting to a galvanized steel pipe, you must use a dielectric fitting. This will keep the water from creating an electric current and causing corrosion and leaks.

Step 1 - Tape the Dielectric Fitting

First, you will want to coat the dielectric fitting with pipe tape. This will help ensure that the water does not create an electric current when it passes through

Step 2 - Connect Dielectric Fitting

copper pipe

Next, you need to connect the dielectric fitting to the first end of the pipe you are connecting. Make sure that it is firmly attached.

Step 3 - Connect the Pipes

Finally, you will need to connect the two pipes together. Place the second end of the pipe you are connecting in to the open end of the dielectric fitting. Using the wrench, tighten the dielectric fitting around the two pipes. Be sure you do not over tighten it as this can bend the pipes.