How to Connect Pressure Sewer Pipes to Non-Pressure PVC Pipes

What You'll Need
Barbed compression fitting
Adjustable wrench
Plumbers tape
Hose clamp

There are any number of ways to fit pvc pipes together, even if they are made for different purposes. There are also pressurized and non pressurized lines and connections used for any number of purposes. Pressurized lines are used for transferring water from the main water intakes to secondary areas of your home.

Step 1 - Mount the Pressurized Fitting

First you will need to attach the pressurized end to the fitting to your pvc pipes. Use the lock washer to cap the ends and the plumbers tape to seal the threads. The pressurized end can be tightened with a pipe wrench, which will then be locked into place. You can also get a connector that is barbed on both ends, in which case simply apply step 2 to both ends.

Step 2 - Heat the Piping for the Bib

Now you will want to join the barbed end of your fitting to the pvc pipes to complete the seal. To make a tight connection, first heat the non pressurized pipe, and then drive the barb end of your valve into it. The heat will eventually fade, making the pipe shrink around the barb, preventing it from coming loose from increased pressure. Once this is inserted, simply strap a hose clamp over the area where the two come together.