How to Connect the Connecter Coil to the Evaporator Coil in a Split System Air Conditioner

What You'll Need
2 3/4 Core Drill and Bit
Hole Saw
Flaring Tools
Electrical Tape

A split system air conditioner is composed of outdoor and indoor units that work together to control temperature inside a home. The condenser unit is found outside the home and has a connecter coil that connects to the evaporator coil found on the evaporator unit inside the home. Both coils are connected to each other through two copper pipes, also called the refrigerant line-sets, or tubing.

Step 1 – Prepare the Indoor Unit for Installation

Read the installation instructions on the manual. Determine where to mount the indoor unit to the interior wall of the house. Be sure to follow local codes during the entire installation process. Install the mounting bracket onto the wall and secure them with mounting screws. Using the table on the manual, determine where to drill the wall penetration.

Step 2 – Drill the Wall Penetration

Using the core drill and bit, create a hole in the wall where the wall penetration should be made. Turn on the drill, and with steady hands, drill a hole. Angle the drill slightly downwards for correct drainage. Before drilling the hole, ensure that there are no drainage or any other pipes behind the wall.

Step 3 – Insert the Tubing into the Wall

At the back of the indoor unit, locate the drainage pipe, communication lines, and refrigerant lines. Bend the tubing carefully so that it can be inserted into the wall penetration. Since the communication lines, the drainage pipe, and the tubing will be inserted together, group them in a bundle and tape them together with an electrical tape.

Insert the bundle into a wall while mounting the indoor unit to the mounting bracket. Exercise proper care when inserting the tubes into the wall penetration.

Step 4 – Install the Outdoor Unit

Plan how to anchor the unit to the exterior wall of the house. Follow the instructions on the manual for proper outdoor installation. As soon as the outdoor unit or condenser unit is mounted onto the exterior, connect the refrigerant lines. Remove the flare nuts from the service valve and connect the outdoor unit refrigerant lines to the flare fittings. Use proper flaring tools to complete the task. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when using flaring tools. As soon as the tubing is connected to the condenser unit, run the tubing to the location of the indoor or evaporator unit’s tubing. Connect the pieces of tubing together using flare nuts. Use a torque wrench to tighten the nuts according to the manufacturer’s torque specifications.

Step 5 – Complete the Installation

As soon as the pieces of copper tubing are connected to each other, both the condenser coil and the evaporator coil are connected. Continue with the installation of the two units. Follow the wiring diagram for the wiring process. Install the drain pipe as instructed. After all connections have been done, introduce the refrigerant into the system carefully. Test the unit for leaks.