How to Connect Utilities to Your Houseboat

houseboat on the water

Most every houseboat is anchored for the majority of the time. When set up at a dock or marina, houseboats receive electricity through a land line provided by the location. In order to set up your utilities and electric devices while you are docked, consult with the manager or electrician for the marina.

Battery Power

While separated from the dock, most houseboats utilize battery power, although solar power is increasingly common as well. In these cases, you will also need to speak with a boating specialist or electrician to set up your utilities. Typically, boats require one primary battery for the motor and a separate battery or set of batteries for the other utilities and electric devices. The exact specifications for these batteries and the installation instructions depend upon the situation and boat.

It is crucial to remember that electricity on houseboats may be very dangerous. If you do not properly install your utilities and electronic devices, you run the risk of sending electric current into the water. The risk of electrocution or paralysis is high in these cases. As such, it is best to speak with an expert while you are setting up your electrical connections and utilities on your boat.