How to Connect Your Gas Pedal to the Go Kart Engine How to Connect Your Gas Pedal to the Go Kart Engine

What You'll Need
Protective clothing
Working gloves
Nylon locking nut
Lock washer
Bolts and nuts

There are different sizes of go kart engine available for use, getting a reliable and effective can be beneficial. For smaller karts, engines of up to 3 HP can be ideal. However, the body has to be made of very light weight material. Other sizes of go kart engines are available for different performance. For more power, 6.5 hp engines can be used.

Step 1 –  Line Key-way

Secure the automobile by placing it in a safe and spacious area. Collect necessary equipment or tools. Most of these can be rented from a garage or mechanic’s store.

It is important to note that rear wheels have a different arrangement compared to front wheels when considering the bearings. In this case, the bearings system is mounted onto the frame and the wheel has a key way in the middle which makes it possible to fix it to the rest of the assembly.

Get the key-way on the wheel to align with the corresponding channel on axle. This should be done until the wheel is in place. Slide the key into the axle’s channel and tap the key into the wheel.

Step 2 -  Secure the Wheel

Use the correct size of nylon locking nut to position the wheel assembly to the axle. Make sure it is well secured. This should be repeated on the other side to install the other rear wheel.

Step 3 – Install Pedals

Make sure that right and left gas pedals are separated as they fit differently. Each foot pedal is designed to fit on its corresponding side. Use a lock washer and nylon bolt to fix left brake pedals. Make sure they are placed on the left side of the kart.

Gas pedals should be installed on the right side of the kart. Secure them using lock washer and nylon bolt.

Step 4 – Secure Pedals

Use the correct size of bolts and nuts to fasten both sets of pedals into place. Avoid using damaged or faulty pieces. If they are rusted or corroded then have them replaced as well. Use a nylon lock nut to secure them in place, make sure they are not too tight as this can  interfere with their performance.

Step 5 – Adjust Brake Rod

The best way to adjust the brake rod is by making it short. This also allows brake pads to press hard enough when stopping the car. This can be done by removing the bolts at the end of the rod, and then fixing it using the next set of holes. Make sure that the bolts and nuts are secured and fastened in place. If they are damaged or faulty then replacing them is a good idea.


Brakes for use in go karts perform differently. Scrub brakes can be hard on tires but are adequate. Band brakes are easy to use, install and are affordable. Drum brakes provide good performance while disk brakes provide effective and efficient stopping ability.

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