How to Connect Your Nintendo Wii to Netflix

What You'll Need
Nintendo Wii
Netflix subscription
Internet connection

Like other game consoles, the Nintendo Wii is very versatile. Not only does it play games, you can also use it for playing DVDs and several other things. The idea is to make it into a home entertainment hub. One thing to increase its power is the ability to stream movies from Netflix on the Nintendo Wii. This lets you bypass DVD's altogether and simply click to watch a movie from those available on Netflix.

Step 1 - Netflix

Netflix began as a DVD rental service. With a subscription, you can have DVDs mailed to you and keep them as long as you need with no late fee and return them in the provided stamped envelope.

The idea was to make renting DVDs as easy as possible with everything done online. As technology has advanced, Netflix has also offered the streaming of movies from their catalog. For some time, this could only work with streaming to a computer. Nowadays, however, it can be done on a Nintendo Wii, meaning you can actually watch the movies on a television. You do need a broadband Internet connection for it to work properly. If the connection speed isn’t high enough, the reception will seem jerky and fuzzy. You do need to have a subscription to Netflix on order to stream movies to your Wii. There are a number of different levels available.

Step 2 - Bandwidth

Before signing up, check your Internet connection. Streaming will work with a minimum of 1.5Mbps. However, you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience with a faster connection, preferably 3.0Mbps, which will require no buffering. If you’re not sure of your connection speed, contact your Internet service provider.

Step 3 - Connecting the Wii

You will need to connect your Nintendo Wii to the Internet. You can do this wirelessly, but for streaming movies, you’ll have a better connection with a wired connection using an Ethernet cable. You’ll need a special USB LAN adapter for the Wii. Plug it into the back of the console, then run the cable to an Ethernet port on the router. Switch the Wii on and click “A” on the controller.

Select “Wii” on the screen menu and then “Wii Settings.” Navigate to “Internet.” After this, select “Connection 3: None.” At this point, you’ll have a few options. Choose “Wired Connection.” Click “OK” and the connection will be tested. After this, your Nintendo Wii will be connected to the Internet.

Step 4 - Netflix Disc

When you sign up for the Netflix subscription, you’ll be able to request a streaming disc. Once this arrives, you’ll need to put it in the Wii. It contains the software and instructions that will allow you to stream Netflix movies on your console. Until you’ve loaded this, you won’t be able to stream from Netflix. Once it’s installed, you’ll be ready to go. Simply connect to the Netflix site from your Nintendo Wii and make your selection.