How to Construct Built-In Planters for Patio Landscaping How to Construct Built-In Planters for Patio Landscaping

What You'll Need
Treated Lumber
Stainless Steel Wood Screws
Galvanized Finish Nails
Skills Saw/Table Saw
Air Finish Nailer
Tape Measure
Potting Soil

Patio landscaping is often an overlooked aspect of landscape design. A great way to set your patio apart from other patios is to add some built-in planters. A flower planter is one of those things can easily be built in just a few hours. However, they can add several years of enjoyment, and beauty to your patio landscaping.

Step 1- Build Side Panels

If you use 1x4 lumber, you will need to cut them down to 14" size. Take 3 and line them up side by side. Cut two more to 14 ¾ inches and lay one on each side of the smaller lumber. Keep the tops flush. The two outside pieces of wood should be extended ¾ inch past the three center boards.

Cut down two 1x2's to a length of 13 inches. Lay one along the top of the boards and screw it in with 1 ¼ inch wood screws. Take the second and lay along the bottom of the boards. It should be 4 inches above the bottom of the middle boards with the edge boards extending past 4 ¾ inches. Screw in with the wood screws.

Step 2- Repeat for Second Side

Once you have the first side panel made, repeat the steps to make one more identical side. Once you have them all finished, you will have two of the side panels you need.

Step 3- Build Two More Side Panels

You will have to build to more side panels, but these are going to be assembled slightly differently. Cut the boards the same way as the previous panels and lay them down flat as before. The difference is going to come with the cross boards that hold them together. This time, cut the cross boards to allow for 1 ½ inch space on each edge. Lay them down in the same positions as before and attach with the wood screws.

Step 4- Repeat for Second Panel

Repeat this process for another identical panel. Once this is completed, you will have two sets of panels and can begin assembly.

Step 5- Assemble Planter

To make your patio landscaping planter, assemble the panels. Take two of the panels and stand them up with one of the first panels against the one of the second set. Add some exterior grade wood glue and then nail together with the finish nailer. Repeat this process until all panels are assembled. Place clamps on the sides to keep them together until the glue sets up.

Step 6- Build Another Planter

After the first planter is completed, build another one exactly like it. This is the foundation for your built-in patio planter.

Step 7- Add Bench

Using sturdy 2x4's that are six feet long, screw them to the tops of the planters. Space them ½ inch apart and stain all the pieces. Set the planters on your patio or a nice place for your plants and for yourself to enjoy them.

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