How to Control an Air Conditioner with a Phone Call

Someone holds a phone.
  • 1-2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-100
What You'll Need
A push-button switch
Remote control housing
Battery holder
3-volt battery
A roll of copper wiring
NPN silicon transistor
Meg ¼ w and 22 ¼ resistor
PNP silicon transistor
Infrared LED
C220.01uF 16 v capacitor
Touchpad with tone

Weather is a tricky thing, and as the temperature heats up your thoughts turn to home and how it would be nice if there was some way to start the air conditioner easily by remote control. If you could only phone home and tell your air conditioner to turn on.

Fortunately, this product does exist, and the project comes in three parts. If you want to skip a little of the do-it-yourself part, remote controls can be purchased that hook right up to your phone and turn on your air conditioner with just a single command. Otherwise you will need to build the remote control device, plus hook up the income and IR remote to the phone and the thermostat.

Building the Remote

Remote controls are on the low end of basic electronics, and most hobby shops will have the tools and equipment you will need to get started.

Step 1 - Fill Button

Fit your push button in the side of the remote housing. Makes sure it fits securely and will not fall back inside then connect the battery holder to the opposite side of the housing.

Step 2 - Connect Wire

Connect your copper wire to the negative terminal side of the battery holder and the run this to the switch. The wire should be attached to the NPN silicon transistor as well as the Meg ¼ w.

Step 3 - Fix Transitor

From the 22 K resistor fix a wire to the silicon transistor. Take more copper wire from your roll and affix from both transistors to the infrared LED. Then fix a wire from the 22K 1/4 W resistor to the C220.01uF 16v disk capacitor to the NPN silicon transistor. Fix another wire from the PNP silicon transistor to the positive terminal of your battery holder. Use a voltmeter to make sure current is flowing. With the switch in the off position go ahead and place the battery into the battery holder.

Step 4 - Test

Hopefully, when you point the LED of the remote control at the receiver it will power on. If not hold the switch and point the LED at the receiver to make sure they are linked.

Step 5 - Program Touch Tone Pad

Attach the touch tone to the receiver and both to the thermostat control. Program the touch tone with a code to start the air conditioner.

Step 6 - Use the Intercom

At this point, you need to either find a phone with an intercom feature or connected to an intercom to the phone you can activate when calling it. On the next warm day a cool breeze can greet you at the door.