How to Control Mosquitoes Around Your House Naturally

What You'll Need
Hanging baskets or boxes
Mosquito repelling plants
Lawn Mower
Sodium light bulbs
Mosquito dunks
Mesh screens for windows
Mosquito nets
Mosquito traps
Citronella candles
Swimming pool cleaning tools

To control mosquitoes you can take a number of measures to keep them at bay and avoid their deadly sting, all without using poisonous pesticides. Besides being pests and a worldwide scourge, mosquitoes are dangerous insects which carry and transmit an innumerable number of life threatening diseases. Here, we shall go over some basic, natural ways to control mosquitoes from habiting you home.

Step 1 - Keep Gutters Clean

Starting from the outside of your house, clean gutters regularly, so they can drain water effectively. Also make sure not to leave standing water in buckets lying around, because mosquitoes thrive and breed in areas of stagnant water.

Step 2 - Swimming Pool Care

If you have a swimming pool, clean it regularly and keep it covered during that time of the year when it is no longer being used. If there is a pond on your property, install a water feature in it so that it supplies movement to the pond water, otherwise it will become the ideal mosquito breeding ground and nursery and you might be constrained to remove it.

Step 3 -  Planting Time

Plant in boxes or hanging baskets, mosquito repelling plants like basil, citronella, catnip, marigolds, garlic and lemongrass. Besides keeping mosquitoes at bay, most of them can be used in your kitchen and enhance your cooking. Additionally, flowers like marigolds and pansies will fill your vases with color. Dried catnip will entertain your cat for hours and is a very powerful mosquito repellent so it is a good idea to plant some around your pool and pond.

Step 4 -  Regular Mowing

Mowing the grass, and removing weeds regularly will not only make your grassy areas look more attractive and tidy, but it will no longer host the innumerable number of mosquitoes that can cause you such misery as soon as you step outside.

Step 5 -  Change Your Light Bulbs

Do not use halogen bulbs to light up outdoor areas as they are great mosquito attractors. Use sodium light bulbs because these types of bulbs repel insects and are also energy savers.

Step 6 - Use Of Dunks

If there is a natural body of water close to your home, treat it with mosquito dunks which you can also buy online. These dunks do not harm any water life but will kill the mosquito and fly larvae.

Step 7 - Check Regularly

Whenever it rains, check that no water catching locations have sprung up and remove them immediately before the mosquitoes claim them as territory.

Step 8 - Mesh Screens and Mosquito Nets

After taking steps to ensure that mosquitoes do not find your outside area an attractive breeding ground, there are some measures you can take inside your home. This will prevent any from entering your house, or to minimize the damage if one or two should accidentally make their way in. Installing mesh screens on your windows is a good idea, so you can safely air your house as the need may be. Babies and young children can be protected with mosquito nets when sleeping. Also, adding a few citronella candles at crucial points in your rooms can enhance the atmosphere and keep mosquitoes away.

It is wise to take these preventive measures at the end of the winter season before the mosquitoes take over your house and yard.