How to Control Mosquitoes by Bird Houses

What You'll Need
Citronella gel
Weed whacker
Garden shears
Garbage bags
Control pellets for mosquitoes

Having a birdhouse is great, as you are giving back to nature, but mosquitoes can become unwelcome guests which makes knowing how to control mosquitoes important. Mosquitoes can carry diseases, and many people are very allergic to their stings. The article that follows will explain how to control mosquitoes near your birdhouse.

Step 1 – Check for Standing Water

The first thing that you need to do is look for standing water. Standing water is categorized as any source of water that has no circulation. This means that if it rains and the water collects in a hole in concrete, it will remain there until it evaporates. Standing water is also found in fountains that are not turned on, in old swimming pools that still contain water and in buckets left outside. Locate any of these things near or around the bird house, and then empty them to control mosquitoes, as they will lay their eggs in the standing water. Drain the fountains, and turn over any buckets that are left outside, as well as empty or cover pools not in use. This includes remove any water that may have collected on the pool cover. You should also always rinse out and replace water in a bird bath on a regular basis. For puddles in the yard, you can bury them with some dirt, to soak up the water.

Step 2 - Remove Brush

To control mosquitoes you need to be mindful of the vegetation growing near the birdhouses. Look for anything that looks to be out of control. This includes tall grass, large hedges and piles of brush. Leafy trees, like a weeping willow, can also be enticing to mosquitoes. Make sure you weed whack any areas of tall grass, and use your garden shears to cut down overhanging branches. Keep the lawn well-manicured as well. After you have done your lawn work, you should always dispose of clippings in garbage bags or containers, and then dispose of it, or create mulch from it. Adult mosquitoes use these overgrown areas as a place to rest during the height of the day.

Step 3 – Stop the Cycle

Mosquitoes breed often and breed quickly, which makes knowing how to control the mosquitoes' breeding cycle important. It is not always feasible to empty certain bodies of water. Large pools and ponds are often left with water inside them for various reasons. Even if there is a filtration system, mosquitoes can still lay eggs and reside there. Purchase mosquito control pellets from a local hardware store, and follow the instructions for putting them in these areas of water. The pellets will effectively kill mosquito larvae when they are laid in the water. The pellets are safe for other animals, insects and people. Another way to control mosquitoes and their lifecycle, is to place citronella gel around the birdhouse and other areas where they have been seen. This keeps them away, and the area free from larvae.