How to Control Noise Pollution by Adding Wall Insulation

It’s incredibly easy to control noise pollution in your home. In many instances, having double pane windows and ample insulation in the walls will cut noise levels dramatically. Insulating walls is very simple, especially with bare walls that have stud frames.

Fitting Insulation

First, you’ll need to caulk any gaps in the wall. This will help cut down the sound. Next,you’ll need to buy enough fiberglass batting insulation for the entire room. Using a utility knife, cut lengths of the insulation to fit completely between the studs, working from ceiling to floor. Make sure you cut carefully around electrical outlets. Fit the batting neatly into place with the paper side against the outer wall, and keep the insulation in place by stapling the edges to the studs. This will eliminate a lot of noise, as well as keeping the room warmer.

Adding Drywall

To eliminate virtually all the noise pollution and to make the room look better, add drywall on top of the insulation you’ve just fitted. Cut your drywall panels to size and nail to the studs. Use drywall tape over the seams between panels, and then cover with drywall mud, smoothing down to an even surface with a scraper. Allow to dry, and then sand smooth and wipe clean before painting. The drywall adds an extra layer of insulation to keep out noise.