How to Control Noise Pollution by Planting Trees

If you live close to train tracks or a busy street, chances are that you have to deal with the effects of train whistles, loud trucks, buses, motorcycles or even voices. To create a more peaceful setting in your backyard or around your home in general, consider planting trees to control noise pollution.

Start with Young Trees

Planting trees won’t solve the noise problems overnight, for they take a number of years to reach a suitable height. However, you can purchase young trees from a nursery to get started. Arbor vitae are one good option, as it grows dense and tall. Being evergreen, you won’t miss its noise blocking qualities in the autumn and winter. Different varieties of maple, birch and oak planted in a parkway will also grow eventually into mature trees that can help with noise pollution.

Choose Bushy Trees

Although trees need to be 50 feet or more thick to truly block noise from a road, there is a psychological barrier that they put up. Even if you only think that they reduce noise, they work to make your backyard and home landscape more serene. If you go this route, plant trees with the thickest leaf volume. At the very least, it will absorb some of the noise emanating from the busy road nearby and cause you to notice a change for the better. Plus you will have added lovely greenery to your property.