How to Convert a Closet into Shelving

What You'll Need
Stud finder
Putty knife
Sand paper
Paint brush
Measuring tape

One great way to find more room in your home is by installing closet shelving. This can be done pretty easily in a regular closet with the installation of a few well places shelves. Here are a few steps to help you convert a regular closet into a shelving unit.

Step 1 - Prepare the Area

You will first want to make sure you remove everything from the closet. Once it has been cleared out you can vacuum if you have a carpet and clean the entire inside. If you plan on completely starting over then you will want to remove everything in your closet including any shelves or bars that are installed. However if you want to keep the bar and built shelving around it, this is an option as well. You may want to draw out a plan so you can work in the bars as well as the shelves without the two effecting each other.

Step 2 - Repair Any Damage

Next you will want to repair any damage or holes in the closet. You can use spackle to cover the holes and a putty knife to smooth them out. Then, use a sander to sand down the walls and areas that were fixed. If you plan on painting the closet, you will want to do it now while you have everything out and clean. Use an interior paint as well as rollers and a paint brush to cover the area. Once you are finish, allow it to dry for about a day or two before you put any of the shelving up.

Step 3 - Clean and Stain

If you did not by pre-stained or painted shelves, then you will want to stain them. Use a small paint brush and paint the stain on. Allow it to dry for a few hours and then apply another coat. Let them dry and sit for a day or so before installing.

Step 4 - Install Shelves

Make sure that you are wearing safety goggles because sand or debris from drilling can fall into and harm your eyes. Measure the area so that you know what size shelves and how many of them you are supposed to get. Then, use a stud finder to help you to install heavy bars for your shelves. It is important to make sure that they are being installed in the studs because drywall is not secure or sound enough to be able to hold up and shelf as well as everything on it. Use the drill to install the brackets for the shelves. You may want to use a level so that you are certain they are even. Then, attach the shelf by slipping it onto the bracket and making sure that everything is secure.

Do the same for each one of the shelves that you want to install. Make sure that each is secure and can hold the weight you plan on putting on it.