How to Convert a Gas Log Insert into an Electric Fireplace

electric fireplace in modern minimalist living room
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What You'll Need
Electric fireplace insert

Gas log inserts are very popular, but there are still a number of people who are interested knowing how they can convert them into electric fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are much more convenient and also do not themselves cause any pollution, although generating electricity is causing lots of pollution.

Electric fireplaces are a simple solution which can be switched on and off at the flick of a switch. They can also be controlled by remote control if needed. When working with gas you should always consult a professional because gas is very dangerous.

Step 1 - Choosing Your Electric Fireplace Insert

Electric fireplace inserts are a special type of electric fire which can be used in an existing fireplace. These are provided as they are without any grills or surrounds. They can be fitted into pretty much any gas fireplace.

Step 2 - Removing the Gas Fireplace

The original gas fireplace will need to be removed, you will need to hire a specialist to do this in most states. Working with natural gas can be very dangerous and the fire must be decommissioned properly. The gas will need to be shut off before doing any work, once it's switched off you will be able to disconnect the gas and remove the fireplace.

The fireplace will also need to be removed very carefully so that you can avoid causing any damage to the surround which you will probably want to use again.

Step 3 - Wiring the Fire Up

An electric fire requires its own dedicated power supply for safety. This is because the fire will consume quite a lot of electricity. If you don't feel confident wiring the fire up yourself then you should consult a professional electrician. They will be able to build your fire and install it so that it meets of exceeds building regulations.

Step 4 - Fixing the Fire

The fire needs to be fixed down to the bottom of the hearth so that it is secure and won't move. Use the bolts which were included with the fire and ensure that the holes are as accurate as possible to minimize potential damage.

Step 5 - Connecting the Fire

Once the fire is in place it's then time to connect it to the power supply in your home. These are normally wired directly into the power supply and do not come with a plug. This means that wiring them up is often more complicated than simply plugging something in, if you're not sure then talk to a professional.

Step 6 - Testing the Fire

The fire now needs to be tested by turning the power back on and checking that everything works properly and as it should. Spend time carefully testing the fire to ensure everything is working properly. Ensure that the electric fire is heating up properly otherwise there could be a problem which needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.