How to Convert a Manual Awning into an Electric Awning

What You'll Need
Electric Awning Components Kit
Junction Box

A manual awning can be converted directly into an electrical awning to provide ease of use. Because electric awnings are quite expensive, some homeowners buy a manual awning first and convert it to an electric version when the budget is not too tight. Read on for instructions on how to convert a manual awning into an electric awning.

Step 1 – Buying a Kit

Purchase an electric awning conversion kit that is suitable for the manual awning. To purchase one, visit the store that sold the manual version or simply order one online. The kit should have a receiver box, a connecting wire harness, transmitters, and other parts. Find out if all the parts in the checklist are present before starting the conversion project.

Step 2 – Installing the Remote Control Receiver Box

To avoid exposing the receiver box to damage, find a suitable location indoors. If not, find a location outdoors that is covered or protected from direct sunlight and rain. Another way to protect the receiver is to cover it with a waterproof box. On the installation location, mount the receiver box firmly onto the walls using the screws that came along with it in the package.

Step 3 – Connecting the Wires

Make sure to read the wiring diagram and wiring instructions on the manual properly in order to get the wiring connections done correctly. First of all, locate the wiring connections on the wiring harness that are designed to be connected to the awning. The design of the wiring harness can be different from one model to another. However, it is most likely to have a 4-core cable connected to a 6-pin plug.

Connect the wires on the 4-core cable to the awning by properly following the color codes. As do all wiring connections, make sure to connect the wires inside a junction box. The junction box may not come along with the package. After connecting the wiring harness to the awning, connect the 6-pin plug from the harness into the receiver box.

Lastly, connect the receiver box to the power main. The wiring package comes with a 3-core cable. Connect one end of this cable to the receiver box and one end to the main power supply. Do not forget to follow correct color codes as well. During the connection process, make sure that the circuit breaker is turned off. 

Step 4 – Testing

Turn on the power supply and the receiver box as well. Get the manual and read the instructions regarding operations. Get the remote control, locate the extend/retract buttons, and begin testing. The maximum extension of the slope will depend on the factory settings. Refer to the user’s manual to check on how to adjust the slope. Test the retract button to test how well the awning retracts. When the awning is fully retracted, it will stop automatically even when the retract button is still pressed.