How to Convert a Regular Water Fountain into a Solar Water Fountain

What You'll Need
Solar water fountain pump
Rubber tubes
Drill bits
Silicone caulk
Caulking gun

A solar water fountain adds a lot of appeal to any home regardless if it is located inside the home or outside the home. The benefit of having a solar water fountain is that it is self-sufficient. There is no electricity running through the solar water fountain except what is generated by the sun and the solar panels which collect the solar energy. Many homeowners opted for a traditional fountain that is operated by plugging it into an outlet. This type of water fountain is fine but it is a waste of money as far as electrical use is concerned. With a little time on your hands and minor parts you can change your electrical fountain into a solar water fountain. The following article will show you how to change your current water fountain into a solar water fountain.

Step 1 - Preparing the Water Fountain

With any luck you'll be able to use all of the tubes that are currently attached to the current water pump. If you want something new then feel free to use new rubber tubes for the solar water fountain pump. Turn off the power to the current water fountain and then remove the water fountain pump from the bottom of the fountain. Empty all of the water from the current fountain. Detach all of the tubes from the current water pump and save them in case you can use them for the new solar water fountain pump.

Step 2 - Placing the Solar Water Fountain Pump

Unless you have a strong background in simple electronics it is a good idea to not open the old pump and mess around with it. Changing an electrical pump into a solar water fountain pump is a task most people don't have the time to deal with. Place the new solar water fountain pump into the water fountain. Center it as much as you can and then measure out the rubber tube and test fit the old tubes. You will need to place the solar panel away from the rest of the fountain and usually on the ground. Place it in an area that gets a lot of sun.

Step 3 - Connecting Everything

Measure the distance from the solar panel to the water fountain. Allow for some slack and this is the distance you would need of line from the solar panel to the fountain. If the solar power water fountain is submersible then you would also need to measure the tubes and cut them as needed. A submersible water pump is always the best choice for a solar power water fountain. Use the drill and create as many holes in the side of the water fountain large enough to thread the tubes and wires through (if submersible). Slide the tubes and wires through the holes and connect them to the solar water fountain pump.

Step 4 - Finishing

Now with everything connected you can seal the holes with silicone and fill the fountain with water.