How to Convert a Shed into a Man Cave

tools lined up on tool shed outside
What You'll Need
Paper and pen
Electrical-wiring materials
Drywall-hanging materials
Fiberglass insulation
Heating or air-conditioning unit (optional)

A “man cave” is traditionally known as a place where you can escape the stress of other people and things for a little while — a place you can call your own. While you might already have your own room or office space, anything from phone calls to family members barging in can ruin your moment of Zen.

Though any empty space can be converted into one of these dens, a seldom-used shed is one of the best spaces to make into a man cave. Not only is it detached from the house, offering more privacy than a garage man cave, but also the structure has already been built, saving you time and money. Check out the guide below to transform your shed into the man cave of your dreams.

Empty the Shed’s Contents

First, remove and find a suitable place to store the current contents of the shed, like your garage or a spare room.

Planning the Modifications

Next, start planning for the shed’s modification. To make it habitable, you will need to insulate, heat, and power it. Sketch out a plan, and begin contacting any professionals you might need for the project.

Installing Electricity

If your man cave won't have any large appliances, 110-volt power will suffice. You can run the power from your home’s circuit breaker. Safely wire the shed, installing several power outlets to two circuits, as not to overload the system. If you’re unfamiliar with wiring electricity, you should consult a professional.

Insulating and Sealing

After the shed has been wired, fill the entire wall and roof with fiberglass insulation. Make sure you fill in every visible crack and crevice. If there are gaps between the foundation and the walls, fill them in as well.

Hanging Drywall

With the insulation in place, you can now hang your drywall. Once done, your shed will be ready to hang out in.

Adding Heat or Air Conditioning

To make your man cave more habitable, consider adding a portable propane heater or a small air-conditioning unit.

Securing Your Space

While securing your space is optional, especially if your shed is in a secured backyard, it’s a good idea to install a lock on your shed door. You can install a simple combination lock or padlock. For extra security, install a security camera.

Accessorizing Your Man Cave

Once the cave is habitable, you can begin decorating and adding furniture. This will depend on how you plan to use your new space.

If you want the cave to hang out and watch TV or movies in, invest in a flat-screen TV and surround-sound speakers. Call your cable or satellite service to extend your services into your new man cave.

Or, if you want to use your new space as a hangout for friends, include a portable bar with bar stools and plenty of seating. Build your own man-cave lap trays instead of adding a table to save space. While the stereotypical man cave might have posters, neon signs, and colorful lights, decorate your new space any way you see fit to make it your own.