How to Convert a Vacuum Cleaner Motor into a Small Wind Turbine

What You'll Need
Vacuum cleaner motor
Rubber band
Wire cut in two pieces
Alligator clips (insulated)
DC voltage meter
Paper clips
Hair dryer

A small wind turbine can be used to create electricity to power small appliances. If going green and saving the environment one home at a time is a goal of yours then utilizing the best recourse available is a great start. The wind is always present regardless of the weather and this makes a small wind turbine more effective than a solar wind turbine. The following article will show you how to make a very simple and small wind turbine from a recycled vacuum motor and ordinary household goods. This is going to be very simple but the principles remain the same regardless of the size you want a wind turbine to be.

Step 1 - The Base

The ruler is going to be the blade this small wind turbine. For this you will simply place the ruler on the motor so it is center along an edge and affix in place with a rubber band. You can devise a better base out of sturdier materials if you like. The purpose of this is so the assembly is flat instead of standing straight up as it normally would.

Step 2 - The Blade Assembly

In order to generate electricity the motor needs to turn and create friction. For this you need to use blades. You will be using paper clips, the cork and cardboard. For larger versions you could use PVC pipe that has been cut to a point and bolted to a homemade blade shaft.

Straighten out four paper clips so the inner hook remains then trim the straightened section so that 1 centimeter remains. Create the blades by cutting the cardboard into 4 pieces that measure 2 centimeter by 25 centimeter. Tape the paper clips to the center of each piece of cardboard. Place the remaining end of the paper clip into the cork. Make sure the blades are evenly space and roughly a 1/2 centimeter from the edge. Push the large end of the cork onto the shaft of the motor. Turn the blades so they are at a 45-degree angle. This angle is important because the blades need to catch the wind in order to move.

Step 2 - Test and Finish

This is a very basic small wind turbine but it won't do anything without being able to generate power. In order to do this the motor need to be attached to something that can contain power and disperse it. The wind turbine needs to be tested first. Strip the ends of the two wires and attach them to the outlets on the vacuum cleaner motor. Attach the other ends to the DC voltage meter. Use a hair dryer and blow the blades of the small wind turbine. Watch the DC voltage meter and you will be able to tell how much electricity is being generated and to make sure it works. Remove the wires from the voltage meter and attach them to the battery.