How to Convert Electronics to Solar Power How to Convert Electronics to Solar Power

What You'll Need
Solar Power Generator or a Panel Kit
Electrical Wiring
Additional Outlet Box

All throughout your home are electronics that can be converted to solar power. The immediate and most obvious benefit derived from using solar power is cutting down on your electric bill. Americans spend more than 115 billion dollars each year on electricity alone. With all the recent concern about energy costs continuing to escalate, and with concern about saving on power waste, converting your home-based electronic devices to accept a solar energy source is an economically sound choice.


Step 1 – Choose Devices to Be Solar Powered

Determine which devices in your home will need to use solar energy, because that decision will dictate your budget as well as the types of material you need. If you are looking to simply experiment with solar energy use on one or two different electronic devices, you will not be required to spend as much initially. You can see if solar power is really a viable option for you and the way you use devices in the home.

Step 2 – Purchase a Generator or Solar Panel Kits

Companies produce solar powered generators and panel kits that are easily installed and used in the home. You can research the different options available by using your favorite search engine and entering such terms as “buy solar power kits” or “solar powered generators”. Once you find the system of your choice, order the product and have it delivered to your home.

Step 3 – Set up the Generator or Panel Kit

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for setting up the solar power generator or the solar panel kit. If choosing a solar panel kit, you'll probably need to install the kit on the top of your house. Make sure that you have the required tools needed to complete the installation. You'll probably need to drill a hole somewhere in your house so that the device can deliver an electrical current over a wire to an outlet. This outlet will be used with the devices to be powered by solar energy. Make sure that any holes drilled in the home are properly insulated to stop air or water from entering and causing damage.

Step 4 – Hook up Wire and Outlet

Run electrical wiring from the solar panel kit or generator through walls, in the ceiling or under the floor to the point where you will be installing the outlet. Connect the outlet boxes to the wire and attached the outlet to a wall with screws so that is secure. Once the outlet is installed, it is ready for use with your devices. Just be sure that the generator or panel kit has ample time to receive adequate sunlight needed to power your devices.

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