How to Convert Polarized Plug to a Nonpolarized Outlet

What You'll Need
Conversion plug
Adaption Socket

A polarized plug will work with most connections unless you are connecting it to a non-polarized outlet. In this case, you have a serious problem, as you cannot connect the plug, since it will not have the additional hole that you need to power it, and you may lack important connections such as the earth wire. When you are looking to connect the polarized plug to the outlet, conversion is the only answer, either by altering the plug, or by using an adaptor which will allow a bridge between the two types of polarization. Neither of these are very difficult,  and you should be able to manage to complete this project in only a few minutes.

Step 1 - Change the Plug

You may find that you can get your polarized plug to work it you remove the wires, and put in a new plug with the non-polarized outlet. This means that you locate the extra wire which has been cut off when the polarized plug was installed. You should find that this wire exists in most modern appliances, as it is considered a good idea to have three wires, including the earth. Replacing the plug like this is more dangerous, and you may find that you need to fit a new plate over the front of the socket.

Step 2 - Add a New Plate to the Plug

Take your old polarized plug, and remove the plate which is holding the pins onto the plug. This is usually unscrewed from the back of the plug. Cut a plate with three-pin attachments so that it fits into the old plug, or build up the plug so that it is large enough to take three pins. Add the third pin, and connect it to the earth wire, so that you now have live, neutral, and earth. This latter wire should be earthed to the nearest copper wire if you do not have one in the electrical item's components. Screw the plate onto the plug, and then attach it to the outlet.

Step 2 - Use an Adaption Socket

On the other hand, a much simpler answer is just to install an adaption socket into the non-polarized socket. These can be plugged into the socket, and then have the right number of connections on the other side to allow you to insert the polarized plug. You will be able to find these kind of adaptors at local home improvement stores, or even at supermarkets. These are a very popular type of adaptor, and you should be able to find one for less than 5 dollars. Take your adaptor, and place it into the outlet. The adaptor can then be used for a range of electrical polarized plugs, and you should be able to keep it in use for a number of years.