How to Convert Twin Beds into a King Size Bed How to Convert Twin Beds into a King Size Bed

It is easy to convert twin beds into a king size bed. If your stairway or door is too narrow for a king size bed, or if you already have twin size beds that are not in use, read the following procedure and make your own king size bed from the twin size beds.

Step1- Bind the Box springs

Bring the box springs of your twin size beds together. The longer edges of each box spring should touch each other. Two box springs can rest on one king size frame or two separate twin size frames. Bind the box springs with a binder strap encircling the box spring assembly along the outer edges. You may have to tie two or three straps to make it sufficiently long.

Step 2- Bind the Mattresses

Put the twin size mattresses on the box springs. Bind them with binder strap in the same way.

Step 3 – Close the Gap

Assembling the beds is done. Now you need to close the crack at the junction of the two mattresses. You can use a strip of sheepskin, foam bed bridge or any other gap filler for this. Place it along the length of the crack. Attach the two ends of the strip to the existing strap around the mattress assembly.

Your king size bed is ready for use.

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