How to Correctly Use a Urethane Clear Coat

When you first bought your car, it usually has a crisp finish to it and this is due to presence of a urethane clear coat. A urethane clear coat is a basecoat finish that you apply on top of the car paint. This particular material does not only provide a smooth finish to the entire car but it also gives the car extra protection. There are urethane clear coats that have UV inhibitors thus making your car paint last longer and avoid chalking and fading of the paint. However, applying a urethane coat on to your car requires skill thus there are certain steps that you need to follow so that you will not damage your car further. Here are some tips on how to correctly use a urethane clear coat when applying it on your car. In order to apply the urethane clear coat properly, you need the following tools.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Paint gun
  • Hardener
  • Urethane paint
  • Goggles
  • Working clothes
  • Mask

Step 1 - Allow the Paint to Dry

Before applying the urethane clear coat, it is always very important to let the paint to dry first. The problem when you apply the clear coat on your car when the paint is still wet is that you end up mixing the paint and the clear coat altogether and this damages the car paint. If this happens, then the only way for you to remedy this is to remove the paint from your car and start all over from square one. In order to determine if the paint has already dried up, place one finger on the paint and if it still feels sticky, then you need to let it dry for several hours before you check it again.

Step 2 - Mix the Clear Coat Pain Thoroughly

When mixing the clear coat paint, you need to make sure that you do the job thoroughly. Generally, you need to mix 4 parts of the clear coat and 1 part of hardener in a clean paint gun. However, there are other brands of urethane clear coat paint that has different formulation thus it is important to follow the instructions stated on the bottle of the paint before you mix everything up.

Step 3 - Apply a Thin Coat of the Clear Coat

Before you apply the clear coat, make sure that you wear goggles, working clothes and mask to protect your eyes, skin and lungs from the toxic material and fumes that are found in the clear coat. Use the paint gun to spray a thin coat to the car body.

Step 4 - Let the Clear Coat Dry Up

Wait for the clear coat to dry up for about one or two hours before you proceed to the last step which is the application of the finishing touches.

Step 5 - Apply the Final Urethane Coat

Once the first coat has dried up, you can then apply the second coat to give the car its final glossy look. Use the same paint gun to apply the second coat and let it dry.