How to Cover an Open Drain Hole

You should cover any open drain hole on your property to prevent dangers and overflow that you might not want in your front or backyard. Follow the steps below to effectively cover a drain hole.

Step 1: Purchasing the Cover

Measure the drain hole that you need to cover. Write down the circumference, diameter, etc. Bring these measurements with you to a hardware store. Choose a drain cover that is heavy duty and matches the measurements of your drain.

Step 2: Placing the Cover

Place the cover over the drain opening. Making sure that it is tightly pushed on and snaps easily into place. You want to make sure it is not too big since water and waste can come up through the cracks that are left uncovered.

Step 3: Fastening the Cover

Some drain covers come with snapping sides that you can easily fasten to the sides of the drain. If the cover you purchased does, then make sure to snap the sides on so it does not come off of the drain opening.