How to Cover Interior Paneling How to Cover Interior Paneling

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Glue gun
Staple gun
Household cleaner

Interior paneling used to be the choice of home owners as an ideal finish for most interior surfaces. You can easily cover interior paneling using paint, fabric or wall paper. Here are the simple steps on how to cover interior paneling with paint or fabric.

Step 1 – Clean the Paneling

Use ordinary household cleaner or mild detergent mixed with water to clean the interior paneling. Wipe off excess water with a terry cloth towel and let dry.

Step 2 – Cover Interior Paneling with Fabric

Measure the height of the wall and cut the fabric according to size. Leave a ½-inch fold on the top, bottom and side ends of the fabric and secure with a pin. Use a staple gun to secure the fabric on the wall. It would be best to overlap the next strip of fabric on the attached cover and secure the overlapped seam using a hot glue gun. Add trim to cover the seams and stapled part of the fabric.

Step 3 – Cover Interior Paneling with Paint

Apply primer on the cleaned and dried panels using a paintbrush. Latex primer is best used for this procedure. Let the primer dry completely before applying your choice of paint.

You may also apply wallpaper to cover your interior paneling. Remember to only apply wallpaper to a clean, dry surface.

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