How to Cover Up Cracked Tiles with Paint How to Cover Up Cracked Tiles with Paint

What You'll Need
Custom shade of paint
Tile filler
Cotton bud
Damp cloth

This guide shows you how to repair cracked tiles simply using paint. 

Mixing it up

First you must create a custom shade of paint to match your tile from your local paint specialist, asking for assistance if required. You will not need very much at all, depending on the number of cracks present. Next, expel some tile filler on a flat surface and mix with a small amount of your custom paint.  


Now take your cotton bud and dip it into the mixture lightly, achieving a thin layering of paint. Spread this evenly upon all of the cracks. Let the first coat dry and after half an hour rub gently with a damp cloth. This darkens the base coat and allows for a more convincing look once the second coat has been applied. Once the second coat has dried, polish with a cloth in order to maximize tile-like shine.

This trick is extremely easy on the money-bank, as for many replacing all of the affected tiles is not a financially viable solution. It is also a very simple task to complete and won't take more than a few minutes to apply each coat.

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