How to Cover Up Interior Metallic Paints

Covering up interior metallic paints can be a frustrating task. This article will let you in on a couple of trade secrets, which are so easy to do, and will help you cover almost any stubborn stain or hard to cover paint.

Shellac Based Primer

Many products claim to cover and block stain and obtrusive paints. The truth is, many of them will not. Here are some products that professionals use that perform best. When choosing stain blocking primers, use a product that contains shellac. This works well when attempting to cover metallic paint.

Masonry Based Paint/Primer

There is another type of paint/primer that covers metallic shine thoroughly. This is any type of primer sealer used for masonry work. This product creates a heavy build, without creating a build up of sheen. Therefore, it helps to mask metallic fleck, that is in some paints. Almost all flat masonry paint/primer will aid in covering unwanted sheen.

Drywall Joint Compound

Another method to cover metallic paints is tried and true among all paint professionals. Buy a small bucket of lightweight joint compound. Put enough of the joint compound in a 5 gallon bucket, to cover your area. Add water and stir completely, until you get the thickness a bit thinner than pancake batter. Use a thin nap paint roller, and evenly roll over your metallic paint, ensuring you don't leave any streaks. You may use a paint brush to do any cut in work or to apply to untextured surfaces. Allow to dry. Repeat, if necessary.

These methods are the ones used by most paint professionals, to tackle covering unwanted metallic paint on any surface. They all work well for primer, stain block and cover up.