How to Create a Cockail Ottoman How to Create a Cockail Ottoman

A cocktail ottoman provides extra seating and the convenience of trays for drinks and other items. If you have a standard ottoman in your home and would like to transform it into a cocktail ottoman, simply follow the steps below to get started.

Step One – Decide on Tray Location

If the ottoman has a removable lid, then a natural place to insert a pull out tray is under the lid. Here, the tray will have enough support to function properly.

If the ottoman does not have a removable lid, carefully remove the protective fabric from under your ottoman and locate the hollow space between the bottom and the top of the ottoman. Mark the space with a pencil.

Step Two – Choose a Tray

If you’re a good woodworker, feel free to be creative and make your own tray. If this is not the case, then purchasing a pre-made tray is an easy solution. Make sure to measure the tray's dimensions to ensure a proper and secure fit.

Step Three – Cut a Tray Slot

Using the tray's measurements, cut a slot in the side of the ottoman, with a jig saw, just large enough for the tray to slide through. You will need to remove one end of the tray, slide it in, put the other end on the inside, and then replace the tray end. Glue wooden stops on the tray in order to prevent it from coming out completely when pulled.

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