How to Create a Curved Paver Walkway

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  • 16-24 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 600-3,000
What You'll Need
Spray paint
Landscape edging
Plate compactor
Concrete saw

Curved paver walkways look extremely stylish. Many house owners prefer brick or even concrete to construct the pathways. Though these have their own advantages, curved paver walkways are an economical alternative. These also come in different colors and sizes giving you the opportunity to be creative and blend in all your unique idea into one grandiose walkway. The decision to have a curved paver walkway can be made more cost-effective if you complete the job yourself.

Step 1 - Deciding which Curved Paver Walkway to Create

Deciding the design of the paver walkway depends on where you want to install it. For instance, if you want the walkway for sitting or patio areas, a circular design will be best suited since it gives an image of being in the limelight.

You may also decide to add a cobblestone touch. For this, you'll need paver stones. The design may be difficult to execute yourself, but once the job is complete, you’ll be compensated by that extra character on your walkway.

You could also choose a combination of a curved path along with a meandering one. This will make the walkway very interesting as it can add direction in movement. Areas like garden paths will be best suited by such a design. You can also blend in different colors to create a touch of mosaic.

If your mind is a computer of imagination, get creative and come up with a design of your own. The procedure to create the curved paver will not change. You will only have to change the placement of the pavers in line with the best-suited design for you.

Step 2 - Marking the Area

Once you have chosen the right design, be sure to mark the area where you want to make the curved walkway. You can do so by any marker but a spray-paint will be best suited since it will enable you to make a thick outline. The idea is to give you a sense of how large, curved or long the walkway should be. According to the distance, you can calculate approximately how many pavers you'll need for this task.

Step 3 - Digging and Tamping

Using a shovel, you need to dig a depth of about six inches within the marked area. Be sure to have a two-inch pitch on the walkway for every ten feet of area. Once you are done with digging, you need to use a plate compactor to tamp down the land.

Step 4 - Adding Gravel and Sand to the Area

The next step is to add approximately three inches of gravel to the area you just dug. This needs to be tamped again using the plate compactor. You need to repeat the above step again but this time the gravel needs to be covered with sand before it is tamped.

Step 5 - Install Edging

As per the manufacturer’s directions, you need to set up the edging of your walkways landscape. This will make it neat and now the path will be visible.

Step 6 - Laying the Pavers

Patiently place each paver on the sand. Make sure that each paver is uniformly leveled as compared to the other. Here you can make all the designs you planned about. When you reach the edges, some pavers might have to be trimmed to fit in. This can be done through a concrete saw. Once the path is complete, just use your broom to clean that extra bit of sand on the walkway.