How to Create a Faux Marble Finish on Concrete Flooring

Faux marble flooring painted on concrete.
What You'll Need
Paint roller
Latex primer
Oil-free soap
Painter's tape

While marble floors look clean and classy, it’s expensive and real marble can get scratched easily. Luckily, you can have the look of a marble floor without the hassle by painting a faux marble finish on concrete.

Sweep and Vacuum

To achieve a finish that resembles real marble, you must start with clean concrete. Begin by sweeping the concrete floor. Pay special attention to the corners and the edges, where the walls meet the concrete. A small vacuum can help you remove dirt from these tight areas.

Remove Stains

Mix oil-free soap in a bucket with hot water and sponge-wash the concrete floor to remove any remaining stains. Allow the concrete floor to dry.

Apply Painter’s Tape

Apply painter's tape around the wall, where it meets with the concrete or in areas where the concrete is separated by runners or carpet.

Add Primer

Because concrete is porous, it will suck up paint like a sponge. Therefore, you should cover the concrete floor with a high-quality primer. Use long, even strokes and a paint roller. Always start from the back of the wall and work forward to prevent painting yourself into a corner.

Let the primer dry, and then add another coat if needed. A cement floor may need up to four coats of primer.

Choose Paint Colors

The best way to choose your paint colors is by looking at samples of marble. Marble is often two colors, and if you want to match colors perfectly, you can take your sample to a paint store. They will be able to provide you with custom colors. You will need three colors for this job: a darker hue of your choice, a lighter hue of your choice, and white.

Paint Swatches

Paint broad swatches of your darkest hue onto the concrete first. Separate the swatches, as you do not want them connected. Wait for the darker paint to dry, and then connect the dark swatches with the lighter paint to create thinner veins. After the lighter paint has dried, you can use a small brush to create lines between the two. Think of this process as creating a web of controlled cracks. Use pictures of real marble as a guide.

Protect with Varnish

After the paint has dried, consider adding two layers of varnish to protect the new faux-marble paint job on your concrete floor. Continue to care for your newly painted floor by polishing the concrete regularly.