How to Create a Green Nursery How to Create a Green Nursery

Learning how to create a green nursery is a great way to introduce eco-friendly products into your home. This allows you to create an environment in your baby’s room that is toxin free. Protecting your newborn is important to every parent, and since babies are more sensitive to any chemicals used in bedding products, using alternative eco-friendly materials is a good way to provide a healthier living environment. Following some helpful suggestions will allow you to create a safe and secure room for your child.

Organic Bedding
Obtain organic bedding for the baby’s crib. Look for manufacturers that produce mattresses created without glues, oils and polyesters. Search for blankets and crib liners made from organic fibers, processed without bleach and any other chemicals. Some distributors of toxic-free baby items offer 100 percent organic Egyptian cotton bedding sets, along with clothing and soft toys. Careful and subtle hints prior to baby showers and birthdays may help you accumulate some of these items.

Online Search
Any online search at your favorite retail store may reveal if they carry “green” items for your baby nursery. Eco-friendly products have become increasingly popular in recent years as many consumers discover their benefits. These manufacturers and distributors now include special sections on their websites dedicated to the marketing and sale of green products. Baby items offered in a "green" choice are very popular. Several manufacturers offer eco-friendly hardwood cribs that convert to toddler and then later to daybeds.

Room Material

Use a bamboo or reclaimed domestic wood flooring instead of carpeting wall-to-wall. Also, the use of braided organic cotton rugs helps accent the flooring, providing a durable, toxin-free area for the child to crawl and play. Use eco-friendly paint for your child’s room that has little or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds, which are chemicals that cause indoor air toxicity levels to rise). All bedroom furniture – cribs, dressers, book shelves, changing tables – should also be painted with eco-friendly products. Wall paint is also available with little or no VOC formulas in a variety of colors, to compliment the nursery room theme and décor. This includes matching room colors with crib linens that are also toxin free.

Cleaning Up
Don’t use conventional household cleaners when cleaning the baby’s nursery. Market demand has created several strong, dependable cleansers that are toxin free, while providing the necessary strength to remove tough stains and remain eco-friendly. Natural cleansing products such as baking soda and vinegar can also act as eco-friendly and cost effective solutions for cleaning your baby’s nursery.

Don’t be embarrassed to request that relatives and friends provide eco-friendly gifts at baby showers and birthdays. You might want to consider providing them with brochures or other materials to help them learn how to contribute to the health of your child.

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