How to Create a Metallic Faux Finish on Your Walls

Modern kitchen with metallic look backsplash
What You'll Need
Drop cloth
Painting tape
Base coat
Metallic glaze
Paint pan
Natural sea sponge
Mild detergent

A metallic faux finish can give a room the look of brushed metal, creating the rustic look of hand-formed metal or an ultramodern appearance, depending on your furniture and appliances. Follow the simple instructions below to successfully create a metallic faux finish on any wall.

Step 1 - Select the Metallic Glaze and Base

The base coat determines what kind of metal the faux finish will resemble when you're done. This is what makes a metallic finish different from other faux finishes or glazing projects. To create a specific kind of metal look, you need the correct two components between the metallic glaze and the base coat. The following base coats are what are needed to create the metallic faux finish of your choice:

Reddish Brown - This base coat will create a copper finish that is both rich in color and looks like copper

Dark Mustard - This color will create a finish that looks gold

Gray - This creates the classic and timeless stainless steel or silver metallic faux finish

Step 2 - Prepare to Paint

You must begin with a clean surface or else paint may not adhere correctly. Prepare to wash away oil, dirt, and grime that has found its way onto the wall. Mix some mild detergent with water and begin wiping down the wall with a sponge, working from the top down.

Next, remove all of the furniture from the room. Place painting tape around windows, doors, molding, and wherever you do not want to paint. Place a drop cloth on the floor.

Step 3 - Apply the Base Coat

painting a wall grey

Apply the base coat on the wall just like you would any normal paint. Pour the base coat into a paint tray, and use a roller to apply it to the wall. Take special care to evenly cover the entire wall. You can use a normal paint brush or small roller to get into and around smaller areas. Let the base coat completely dry before continuing to the next step.

Step 4 - Create the Metallic Faux Finish

This is where the project begins to get fun. Pour the glaze into a clean paint tray. Apply a little of the metallic glaze onto the sea sponge, and remove the excess by patting it on newspapers.

Sponge the glaze onto the wall in random patterns by daubing it. Use varied pressure to create a textured and more natural look to the metallic finish. Keep in mind that the base coat should show through, so take care not to cover the entire wall. Heavy application resembles natural metal patina, but you should use this technique sparingly.