How to Create a Mirror Headboard

What You'll Need
Mirror tiles, 12x12
Sheet of plywood, 5x5
Mirror adhesive
Decorative trim, five ft long
Wall mounts
Screws and screwdriver
Stud finder
Liquid Nail

A mirror headboard is both functional and ornamental in nature. You can easily create your own mirror headboard by using mirror tiles, plywood, mirror adhesives and some simple tools. A mirror headboard is an elegant addition to your bedroom and can serve as a focal point for the design of your bedroom. Creating a mirror headboard is a fun weekend activity that you can share with your family and friends. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to create a mirror headboard:

Step 1-Determining the Headboard Size and Mirror Tiles to Use

You can find everything you need in making your own mirror headboard at your local home improvement store or hardware store.

Decide on how wide and how high the mirror headboard is. Purchase a sheet of plywood and with a saw, cut it according to the dimensions of your headboard mirror.

Mirrors tiles are generally 1x1 foot in dimension. It is best to choose a headboard dimension that fits the tile mirrors without the need to cut the tile mirrors. This means that a 4x6 foot sheet plywood would fit 4 mirror tiles vertically and 6 mirror tiles horizontally.

Step 2-Lay the Mirror Tiles

Find a level surface to position the plywood. Clean the area where you will install the mirror tiles with a damp washcloth. Apply mirror adhesive to the wood surface and at the back of the mirror tile. Compress the mirror tile onto the plywood ensuring that the corner side of the mirror tile is aligned to the corner side of the plywood. Install the mirror tiles on the headboard beginning with one side of the headboard and working your way into the other side until the entire plywood is covered with mirror tiles. Allow for the mirror adhesive to completely dry.

Step 3-Stain and Paint the Headboard Edges

Apply stain and paint to the decorative trim. Have the stain and paint fully dry then put the decorative trim to the ends of the mirrored headboard using Liquid Nail. Allow for the adhesives to dry. The decorative trim will cover-up the unfinished edges of the plywood.

Step 4-Mount the Headboard

To secure the mirror headboard on the walls use wall mounts of each opposite side of the mirror headboard. With a stub finder, located the studs on the wall where you want to install your mirror headboard. Adjust the position of the wall mounts attached to the mirror headboard to in such a way the wall mounts fall into the studs in the wall. Once you have properly positioned the wall mounts on the headboard, attach the wall mount on the back of the mirror headboard first and then attach the mirror headboard on the wall using a screwdriver. You will need the help of a friend to lift the mirror headboard.