How to Create a Mosaic out of Tempered Glass

What You'll Need
Tempered glass
Sand paper
Dry and wet towel
Finish ( paint, stain)
Working gloves
Safety glasses
Protective shoes
Clear lacquer

Tempered glass is toughened using heat to prepare it for different applications. It can be used to make unique interior and garden décor items. There are different techniques that can be used to bring out a mosaic design. This varies from making geometric, patterned or irregular shapes. Different colors and polish can be used to suite a particular model as well. This can be based on the color scheme or theme found in the home or office where the mosaic work is to be displayed.

Step 1 – Buying Tempered Glass

The best way to end up with an attractive model is by starting with the right kind of materials for the project. Determine the best colors, polish and tempered glass to buy. This can be guided by the style that is already in place at home or in the office. Go for similar colors or stains so as to have the same theme when making a display. This provides an attractive finish.

Most of these items can be bought from hardware, home supplies or interior décor stores.

Step 2 – Prepare Glass

Clear out and clean a spacious area to be used during the project. Obtain a flat surface and place a covering material such as old newspapers. Be safe and take care when working with glass as it can easily cut and cause serious injuries. Put a dry towel on the surface and gently place tempered glass. Use the remaining part of the towel to cover the glass. Use a hammer to break it into pieces.

To obtain a beautiful design, break the glass into different sizes and get different shapes as well. Do this by removing large pieces as desired and then continue breaking it into smaller pieces.

Step 3 – Prepare Plywood

Prepare the correct frame and support using plywood. Measure the required shape and size and cut it using a saw. Use sandpaper to get smooth surfaces. Keep in mind that for larger mosaics, thicker plywood is ideal as it provides better support. Make sure to sandpaper the surface on which to place glass pieces. It makes the adhesive or glue hold better as well as paint or stain.

Step 4 – Paint or Stain Plywood

Use a brush to apply suitable color on the surface of the plywood. Make thin coats to get a better finish. Give it time to dry before applying another coating. Use different colors as desired to get beautiful mosaic effect.

Step 5 – Glue Glass Pieces

Once the paint dries, use glue to stick the pieces on the colored surface of the plywood. Place one piece at a time. Different methods can be used, stick large pieces first and then fit in smaller glasses to fill up the spaces. Stick the glass randomly to achieve a good effect.

Step 6 – Finish Up

Leave the mosaic to dry up completely. Prepare grout and apply it all over the mosaic using a large serving spoon. Blot excess grout using a wet towel. This settles in and fills up small spaces that are uncovered on the mosaic. Leave it for 24 hours to let it set and dry. Apply clear lacquer on the mosaic and let it dry. Select a frame for the mosaic and display it.