How to Create a Mosiac Window How to Create a Mosiac Window

What You'll Need
Wooden frame with glass (a large picture frame will do)
Stained glass sheets
Safety goggles
Glass cutter
Glass nippers
Clear silicone or glass glue
Black sanded grout powder
Large bowl for water
Small bowl for separating glass colors
Pattern and tape (optional)
Towel (optional)
Hammer (optional)

A mosaic window is a beautiful accessory for any home. You can make one of your own by using some simple supplies and a bit of creativity.

Step 1 - Gather Supplies

Purchase a wooden window frame with glass at a salvage yard or use a large wood picture frame. If using a picture frame, remove the glass. Clean and dry glass thoroughly. Shop for stained glass sheets in various colors at your local craft supply store. You can buy a pattern for your window, draw your own or make random design with no pattern.

Step 2 - Prepare the Glass

Put on your safety goggles and use the glass cutter to cut the stained glass sheets into 1/2 inch strips. Use glass nippers to break the glass into squares, rectangles and triangles of various sizes. Pieces can vary from 1/4 to 1/2 inch in size. Use small bowls to separate colors for use with a pattern.

For a random design, you can simplify the glass breaking process. Wrap stained glass sheets in a towel and tap the glass lightly all over to break it into small pieces. Make sure to wear your safety goggles.

Step 3 - Start Creating

To use a pattern, tape it to the underside of the glass, picture side up. Use clear silicone or glass glue to glue each individual piece of stained glass to the glass surface. Start at the center of the pattern and work outward. Leave spaces between each glass piece for grout. When the picture is completed, fill in the background until the whole glass is covered. Allow glue to dry for 24 hours.

Use the same process for a random design using your choice of colors, sizes and shapes.

Step 4 - Grout the Glass

Mix the black sanded grout powder with enough water to make it the consistency of fairly thick oatmeal. If it's too runny, it won't stay in the spaces properly. Wearing gloves, spread the grout evenly over the stained glass. Press the grout lightly into the spaces between the glass pieces. Make sure the entire surface is covered smoothly and the grout is firmly in the spaces.

Step 5 - Finish Up

Take a damp sponge and wipe off the excess grout. Rinse your sponge in water and continue to wipe the entire surface until the stained glass pieces show through clearly. Allow the glass to dry for an hour and wipe it with a damp sponge again to make sure there is no grout residue on the stained glass. Allow to dry for 24 to 48 hours or until the grout is completely dry. If you used a picture frame, place the glass back into the frame without the cardboard backing.

You now have a beautiful stained glass mosaic window to hang, mount or display for all to admire.


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