How to Create a Pantry Cabinet How to Create a Pantry Cabinet

What You'll Need
Graph paper
Retractable measuring tape
18 inch ruler
2 pencils

The kitchen pantry cabinet is one of the most versatile cabinets in your kitchen. The introduction of the roll out drawers, allows you to maximize the usage of this cabinet quite well.  

Step 1 – Make a List

There are a wide range of item sizes to consider when creating your roll out pantry. Make a list of all items you have decided to store in the cabinet; spices, bulk food items, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, mops, brooms, canned goods, cereal boxes, appliances, dog food, paper towel, special kitchen utensils, wine, canned goods, pots and pans, glassware are just a few ideas. Traditionally, a pantry was used to store food items such as preserves. Today, the room sized pantry can even be converted to a mini office.

Step 2 – Measure

The standard pantry is 12 inches deep by 96 inches high, and width will vary. Use your graph paper to draw out the measurements of the inside of your cabinet area.  Write down the measurements of each item you are considering for storage in your pantry cabinet. Consider the height of items such as paper towel and cereal boxes. Note the weight of items you buy in large quantities, it will be important in your choice of shelving.  A roll out door pantry allows you to attach shelving to the inside of the door; understand the space this utilizes when the door is closed.

Step 3 – Shelves

The standard shelving in a pantry cabinet is 5 shelves. You can vary this number according to your needs. Along with the use of your roll out drawers, adjustable wire shelving is a good choice. Adjustable shelving offers you the ability to make changes easily when necessary. It is a good idea to install different widths of shelving, a 6 inch shelf can store a sizable amount of canned goods and allow more usable open space. Write down the measurements of shelves you are considering.

Step 4 – Racks

Racks can be mounted on the wall and interior of pantry. Coated wire racks are best for storing food items as they are easily to clean. There are specially designed racks for many specific food items such as spices. Racks come in many different lengths and widths don’t forget to write down the measurements. Always use wall anchors when installing racks on the walls of your pantry.  Look for heavy gauge wire racks to store heavy bulk items such as dog food.

 Step 5 – Containers

Canisters or clear containers are excellent for storing items in a pantry cabinet. The uniform size of many containers provides optimum use of the space available. You can use a few select individual containers or choose from a wide assortment of organizing systems available a house ware stores.

The measurements of the items you wish to store will allow you to determine how many shelves, racks and containers you will need. The measurements of the interior will determine the number shelves, racks and containers you can store. This process can be used in creating an exsisting pantry cabinet or it can be applied when hiring a contractor or cabinet maker to custom built one.

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