How To Create A Playhouse

What You'll Need
2 x 4 boards
Power circular saw
Paint brush

Most kids would love a playhouse that is their own space where they can let their imaginations run wild. While you can easily buy a plastic playhouse to assemble in minutes, you may find it more satisfying to design and build a wooden playhouse for you child.

Many home improvement stores have kits and /or plans to help you with this project.

Step 1: Plan Your Size

You can make a playhouse any size, from a simple 4 x 4 room that is five feet tall, to a multi story extravaganza. Decide on the size of playhouse you want and what size will fit in your yard. Plan for a normal, sloping roof on your playhouse to keep water from standing on the roof.

Either draw or purchase plans for the house. You can even draw simple sketches, as long as you have a plan to keep you on track.

Step 2: Prepare a Floor

Prepare either a wood, hard dirt, or concrete floor for your playhouse. If you choose to use dirt, you may have rotting wood later on. You can build a wooden platform out of 2x4-inch boards. Use pressure-treated lumber rated for outdoor use, and create a frame the size of the playhouse you have decided on using. If you choose concrete, dig 1 ½ inches into the ground, then build a form the size of your playhouse floor.

Step 3: Frame the Walls

For best results, use 2x4-inch lumber to frame in the walls of the playhouse. Follow the plans you have purchased or drawn to determine how tall the walls should be and what length to cut the lumber.

Remember to frame in a space for the door and some windows.

Step 4: Cut Plywood for the Walls

Use the circular saw to cut the sides to the dimensions you have calculated for the walls. The front and back can be 4 1/2 feet tall by 3 feet wide. While you are cutting the plywood, be sure to remember to leave openings for the door and for any windows. Screw the plywood into place.

Step 5: Finish The Walls

Use drywall to finish the interior walls. Again, remember to leave space for the door and windows. Tape and mud if desired. You can leave a playhouse with a less finished look than you would a home, of course.

Step 6: Install A Door

The door should be a simple hinged door you can easily install on the front. Either cut down a solid wood door, or use another piece of lumber to create your door. A playhouse kit will have a pre-cut door to fit the space you leave for the opening.

Step 7: Frame and Cover the Roof

Using 2 x 4-inch lumber, create a frame for a pitched roof. Use plywood as sheathing. To keep your playhouse protected from the elements, standard asphalt shingles give the best protection.

Step 5: Paint The Playhouse

The best thing to do here is to let your kids choose the color of paint they want to use, both inside and out. If you keep a plywood exterior, plan to prime the surface first. You can also install vinyl siding on the exterior, rather than painting. Some playhouse kits with come with siding.

Remember, this is the kid’s play area. Let them use their imaginations and choose the color scheme. They can also decorate the inside of the playhouse once you have finished the task of painting the walls.

Now that the playhouse is complete, you can enjoy watching your children have hours of fun playing there.