How to Create a Retro Modern Bedroom How to Create a Retro Modern Bedroom

What You'll Need
Paint or wallpaper
paintings, posters, photos
floor tiles or carpeting
pieces of furniture
bedding and curtains

People of all ages prefer the retro modern decorating style for creating a modern bedroom. No matter what you choose, the 1950s with their abstract patterns, the 1960s and the deliberately clashed colors or the 1970s and the mirrored disco ball – you would make the perfect choice. Retro-modern bedroom décor is easy to create, fairly inexpensive, and certainly a preferable option. If you are among those retro-fans, you can look at the ideas below.

Creating a Retro Modern Bedroom

Whatever the chosen retro period is, the process of decorating a bedroom includes several common steps:

Step 1–Start with the Walls

Decide on whether you will use paint or wallpaper to set the basic mood of the bedroom design. Keep in mind that you can help create the desired atmosphere by hanging paintings, posters or family photos.

Step 2–Think of the Floor

Consider the fact that floor tiles were extremely popular in the past due to their easy cleaning. However, your feet need some warmth as well. Do not ignore other options such as carpeting or laminate. Blend the colors of the floor and walls.

Step 3–Choose Furniture

Select furniture that suits the selected period – a bunk bed plus desk, dresser and bedside tables, for example. Do not forget the bedding and curtains as they are essential for room decoration. Choose the fabric, color and pattern carefully.

Step 4–Find Accessories

Get the most suitable accessories such as as lamps, clocks, mirrors, souvenirs, posters, prints, art, etc. You will not fulfill your dream of a retro-modern bedroom if you don’t take care of the tiny details.

Read the following descriptions of retro periods which will help you make the best choice with regard to retro-modern decorating styles.


The post-war period was the age of the consumer. Many brand new appliances were introduced as well as new materials such as vinyl, plastics, PVC, aluminium, fiberglass, etc. The decorating style was dominated by the primary colors (blue, red and green), abstract, geometric patterns and animal prints. People preferred stacking furniture, and the world was crazy about Salvador Dali’s surrealistic “lips” sofa. So, if you love this period, choose a vinyl floor in white, in a combination with black, red or yellow. Fabrics should be bright, with geometric, abstract, or animal prints. Choose curtains in bright colors, yellow, lime green or red.


Remember the remarkable “Hair” (both the movie and the Broadway musical), the “flower-kids” and their spirit of rebellion, and the Swinging London. If this is your time, you should take a shagpile rug and vinyl wallpaper in orange, purple or red. Choose transparent or plastic furniture, S- and egg-shaped, and cover it with Indian cotton or drapes made of saris. Choose clash colors such as pink and orange. Add lava lamps and an Andy Warhol-inspired poster.


Do you like listening to disco? And what about “Saturday Evening Fever”? If you are crazy about them, color the walls in your bedroom in muted lime, creamy white or tangerine orange. Cover the floor with carpet tiles in geometric patterns. Your place will look great if you choose modular furniture and cover it with tie dye bedding. And finally, do not forget the mirrored disco ball.

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