How to Create a Small Reading Nook

What You'll Need
A small space
Screens, curtains, or dividers (optional)
Small table or bookcase

Reading, with motherhood, homeschooling, and a full-time job, is nothing short of a luxury. However, having a small reading nook helps me de-stress and focus on myself. Plus, what could be better than a warm cup of tea and a great book? If you’ve been craving more “me time,” and you want a little space to call your own, follow the steps below to create your own reading nook.

Step 1 – Selecting a Location

The best location for your nook will differ depending on how your home is set up. A small corner in a bedroom, a window seat, or even an unused closet can all be perfect spaces. Remember that, because the space is just for you to curl up in, it doesn’t have to be large. In fact, the smaller space, the cozier the nook. In addition, choose a space that’s quiet and removed from high-traffic areas.

Considering Outdoor Spaces

Consider creating your space outdoors. A hammock in a garden or a small sitting bench under a tree can make great reading nooks. Plus, natural lighting can boost your mood while you read. However, do keep in mind that you may need to invest in a small reading lamp to read after the sun sets.

Step 2 – Choosing a Seat

Next, consider how you’re most comfortable reading, whether it’s sitting, reclining, or laying down. Good options include a recliner, rocker, zero-gravity chair, hammock, beanbag, and more. If you don’t mind sitting on the floor, a few cozy floor pillows might be the cheapest option. Or, you can make over a comfy flea-market chair.

Step 3 – Finding a Small Table or Bookcase

If you have room for a bookcase or table in your nook, you should purchase one for your new space. That way, you can have all of your favorite titles within reach, and you can have a place to set your book or a cup of tea down.

Step 4 – Adding Good Lighting

Without the proper lighting, reading can strain your eyes. Choose a lamp that illuminates your space, but not too much. Lighting that’s too powerful can overwhelm your space or make it feel sterile and cold.

Step 5 – Personalizing the Decor

Personalize your reading nook with the things you love most. A cozy throw rug, blanket, pillows, flowers, or candles may be just what you need to facilitate your escape from your busy life.

Step 6 – Preserving Your Privacy

If your space is part of a larger room that is a shared space, consider ways to make it private. Screens, curtains, and room dividers can help divvy up your space. You can even make your own folding-screen room divider. If you are lucky enough to have a door on your reading nook, don’t be afraid to hang a sign that says you’re busy reading.